What My Clients have to Say 

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Karla really simplified our wedding prep experience by helping us get everything we were missing planned and ready to go. Such a beautiful decorations and food.
Highly recommend.
Karla's wedding service was phenomenal! Look no more, she will seriously go above and beyond for you. Even through unexpected circumstances she did everything in her power so everything was perfect for my special day, it was more than I could've imagined thanks to her! she brought us so much peace in the midst of crazy wedding planning times. Her creativity, taste and the quality of everything she does it's outstanding!



Karla, Thank you for all you done you're amazing I couldn't do it without you.
My wedding was so wonderful I even have dreams about it. Thank you very much.


Karla went beyond my expectations. Every detail I told her was addressed. My day was just splendid and joyful.

Liss + Andres

Karla and her team did an awesome job. Everything was just so beautiful. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Karina + Roberto

Karla, you were my angel that day. Thanks for everything. God bless you forever and ever.

Lina + Greg

The best choice we made to plan our dream wedding

!Karla and her team are absolutely amazing! It's no understatement to say that without her, this wedding would not have happened. She approached and catered her wedding design to fit our dream wedding perfectly. The money was well worth it and we can't recommend Karla and Serendipity Designers enough! Thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect, we love you Karla!

Xiaojun + Rob

Laura + Richard

First off, I had been planning my wedding since I was a child, with over-the-top, grand ideas. So I was very picky about finding someone who could pull this vision off. And we found Karla!! She made the vision a reality, and it was more beautiful, and magical than I could have ever dreamed!! She’s so good and really understanding what you want, listening, working with you, and making your day stress-free. When we walked into the venue our jaws dropped. If you want the wedding you see in magazines, Karla is your person!!!

Karla is one of the most beautiful things that has happened to me, she is a person who listens to you, and fulfills everything you dream of, and make it into reality! Karla, thanks for your help, comprenhension, patience, and for giving me everything I ever dream on my Big Day! More than I imagined, more than I could have thought!!! I adore you my beautiful Karla

Emilee + Mike